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"Wikipedians say no to Jimmy's 'buggy' wysiwyg editor". In December 2002, the Creative Commons license was released: it was specifically designed for creative works in general, not just for software manuals. Paul, Minnesota: Thomson Reuters. The NPR interview with. 251 By January 22, 2013, Wikipedia had migrated its primary data center to an Equinix facility in Ashburn, Virginia. "World of Knowledge" (PDF). Retrieved June 21, 2008. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. Several other methods of mobile access to Wikipedia have emerged. University of Hawaii Press. Studies A 2007 study by researchers from Dartmouth College found that "anonymous and infrequent contributors to Wikipedia. 254 Internal research and operational development In accordance with growing amounts of incoming donations exceeding seven digits in 2013 as recently reported, 53 the Foundation has reached a threshold of assets which qualify its consideration under the principles of industrial.

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"What If the Great Wikipedia 'Revolution' Was Actually a Reversion? 354 355 Studies related to Wikipedia has been using machine learning and artificial intelligence to support various operations. "Wikipedia and Academic Research". Retrieved June 14, 2014. "Wikipedia probe into paid-for 'sockpuppet' entries", BBC News, October 21, 2013. Free online encyclopedia that anyone can edit. 329 Viewers of the show tried to add the episode's mention of the page as a section of the actual Wikipedia article on negotiation, but this effort was prevented by other users on the article's talk page. 142 The Wikimedia Foundation hopes to increase the number of editors in the Global South to 37 by 2015. While generally praising the article on William Clarke Quantrill, he"d its conclusion as an example of such "waffling which then stated: "Some historians. Retrieved September 8, 2009. Kane, Margaret (January 30, 2006). The radio documentary discusses Wikipedia's history, development and its place within the broader scope of the trend to democratized knowledge. 276 Semantic Web The website DBpedia, begun in 2007, extracts data from the infoboxes and category declarations of the English-language Wikipedia. Retrieved October 28, 2011.

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Archived from the original on September 15, 2008. (Open access) Rosenzweig, Roy. "After 244 Years, Encyclopaedia Britannica Stops the Presses". Office' fans, inspired by Michael Scott, flock to edit Wikipedia". Cambridge, Massachusetts: the MIT Press. As of February 2014 it has 15,000,000 items and 1,000 properties for describing them. A b c d e f Cohen, Noam (February 9, 2014). December 26, 2016,. As of 2019, page requests are first passed to a front-end layer of Varnish caching servers. Sharma, Raghav (February 19, 2009 Wikipedian Justice, ssrn "legisinfo House Government Bill C-38 (381.

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Though it can trace its history as far back as 1876, when it was known as the Workingmen's Party, no less an authority than Wikipedia pronounces it "moribund". 346 There is also an ongoing debate about the influence of Wikipedia on the biography publishing business. 173 A Harvard law textbook, Legal Research in a Nutshell (2011 cites Wikipedia as a "general source" that "can be a real boon" in "coming up to speed in the law governing a situation" and, "while not authoritative. Viégas (January 3, 2007). (Subscription required.) Jean Goodwin (2009). This was the first interactive multimedia encyclopedia (and was also the first major multimedia document connected through internal links with the majority of articles being accessible through an interactive map of the. "Wikipedia Breaks Into US Top 10 Sites". Creative Commons ' CC BY-SA) are shared across language editions via Wikimedia Commons repository, a project operated by the Wikimedia Foundation. 123 Because of this, universities throughout the United States tried to encourage females to become Wikipedia contributors. Retrieved July 22, 2008. Swartz, Aaron (September 4, 2006). As of 06:02, Thursday, June 13, 2019 ( UTC ) The procrastination principle dictates that you should wait for problems to arise before solving them. This is still under development.

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Rikke grosell thai massage rønnede Archived escort dolly massage og escort sjælland from the original on March 30, 2009. The New York Times Company. A b c d Seigenthaler, John (November 29, 2005).
sex dating danmark amanda doll 158 Concerns have been raised by PC World in 2009 regarding the lack of accountability that results from users' anonymity, 159 the insertion of false information, 160 vandalism, and similar problems. 189 Coverage of topics and systemic bias See also: Notability in the English Wikipedia and Criticism of Wikipedia  Systemic bias in coverage Parts of this article (those related to ) need to be updated. With 5,870,700 articles, notes 3 the English Wikipedia is the largest of the more than 290 Wikipedia encyclopedias. The Economist reported that the number of contributors with an average of five or more edits per month was relatively constant since 2008 for Wikipedia in other languages at approximately 42,000 editors within narrow seasonal variances of about 2,000 editors up or down.